Oracle Agile Engineering Collaboration powered by XPLM

»Working with the experts at XPLM helped make our user community completely self-sufficient and streamlined our time to market. They provided excellent training and guidance to get the system to where it is today.«

- Jerry Baker, Sr Mgr, EIT Applications and Solutions Delivery


Haemonetics needed to develop a Single Source of Truth for their engineering CAD data. An automated solution was required to replace inefficient, manual paper-based processes and decentralized systems and to provide a controlled, collaborative environment from which to work. They decided to get help from XPLM, the experts in Engineering Collaboration in order to:

  • Improve product development processes
  • Accelerate time to market
  • Reduce operating expenses with fact-based decision making
  • Optimize compliance assurance efforts

Project Phase

1. Product choice to help integrate CAD with PLM.
2. Evaluation and test drive of the product.
3. Establishment of a project plan in place to implement the product as seamlessly as possible.
4. Resolution of upgrade and configuration issues along with user guidance related to standard functions of EC.
5. Provision of onsite administrator training in March 2017 on location in Massachusetts.


The electrical and mechanical CAD employees from Haemonetic were able to use Agile EC immediately after the implementation. The training provided has helped the company to be self-sufficient in solving out BAU issues regarding EC. It has also allowed a quicker time to market regarding CAD models.